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Future  -  Creative Thinking

Meaningful Change

 Innovative Award-Winning Entrepreneur.


 Visionnaire Success Coach.


Cara elevates dynamic entrepreneurs ambitious to do things differently, achieve even more and create meaningful change in the world.

                          understands where you’re at right now and

          what you want. Ambitious with a relentless drive to achieve even greater success, you want to forge your own path and do it your own way. You’re a big thinker, with a great imagination and want to push boundaries and make a powerful impact. Venturesome & opportunistic, focusing on future growth and going to the next level is what fuels you.

You want to build a business that gives you success, one that you love and creates positive impact on the world. You want to feel energised and have freedom to keep driving your business forward. And of course, you want to make money in the process. But with the success, you also want meaning in your own life. You want to achieve this through new-age leadership, using innovative ways to succeed.

Cara knows there is a fire inside you, to create even more. That driving feeling you have been experiencing because you know there is so much more for you. Now it’s time to step into your power.

You create the change,

              or it Will create you

As an entrepreneur the constant drive is tough, with the additional challenge of creating change and pushing boundaries. If only you had a coach who had been through the same. Cara is an award-winning entrepreneur & success coach who has scaled multi-million pound businesses and disrupted an industry. She understands your frustrations, and it’s why she wants to work with you.

's why

Value of coaching

Business re-development increased profit by 70%.

Created high performing leaders & teams with KPIs improved by 4% - 8%.

Strategic culture change across 450 staff, improving attrition by 12%.

Industry disruption, successfully launching a 'world-class concept’.

Successful project integration in 3 months versus 2 years.

Effective transition of business through the most difficult challenge ever experienced -  Covid-19.

Referred to as a ‘creative dynamo,’ Cara is dedicated to elevating game changing entrepreneurs like you. She knows you will positively change the world but only if your vision and ideas become a reality.

You know you’re different, a high achiever but you want even more. You can’t settle for anything less than greatness, a great business, a great life, and being your best self. But you want to do it differently, and in your own way.

Cara blends her unique mix of business acumen and professional coaching with the power of creative thinking, success mindset, being your (best) self and inspiring others with you. Cara is energised when she inspires dynamic entrepreneurs to achieve more than they imagined possible.

Cara loves working with entrepreneurs like you because she knows you’ll change the world!

Change Makers Acceleration Coaching

Cara’s signature programme, the Change Makers Acceleration was built with you in mind. Throughout this programme, Cara provides her wealth of innovative business acumen and takes you through personal one to one success coaching while you develop and grow.

#C M A C


Angela, NI

Cara enabled me to transition into my partnership role much quicker and both the team and the business benefitted, with opportunities for new work and new initiatives developed. Cara helps you get clarity, focus on where you’re most effective and gives you confidence whilst getting the most from your team around you.

Ray, UK

Cara is incredibly intuitive, a great listener, highly pragmatic and  is a very successful business person backed with years of first hand experience in a challenging industry.  Cara quickly assesses, invokes thoughts, constructively challenges relating to real life scenarios. Cara was extremely encouraging  and sees the best in you which brings you to a place where you’re able to make decisions and take action for the challenge at hand.

Adam, USA

Cara proved her expertise as a coach very quickly. She asked great questions and there was no fluff which I greatly appreciate. She wanted to quickly dive into what my problems were and see how she could bring the most value to my situation. I will definitely be recommending her to more people.

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