Invest in yourself it pays the best ROI

About you

                                          You’re a growing entrepreneur ambitious to do things differently, achieve even more & create meaningful change in the world. You’ve achieved great things, but desire more meaning, success and to lead in a different way. Maybe you’re a next generation family business leader or a scaling entrepreneur. With real life scars you’ve experienced the highs and lows of business.

You’re a big thinker ambitious to continue growing, with a powerful drive to positively impact the world. You want to forge your own path, remain authentic and balance a good quality of life. You don’t believe that’s possible, but Cara can assure you it is, because she has done it herself.

Is there something holding you back?


You feel lonely or isolated. No one to be honest with, who supports and challenges you through the highs and lows.

You are confused, with so many ideas and thoughts you don’t know where to start.

You feel overwhelmed, things move so quickly with constant changes it’s difficult to get clarity.

You need space, and time to think creatively and come up with new ideas but can’t find it.

That initial drive and confidence has worn off. The constant challenges and your inner critic make you doubt your own ability.

You’re exhausted. The relentless drive for more you’ve crashed and burned.

You’re frustrated. If only others could see how much impact your idea will have.

A great starter, you find it difficult to keep focused and stay on track to finish things.

Think differently.

Create  Meaningful Change

What you want

You want to forge your own path, achieve success but in a different way than other entrepreneurs before you. You want to achieve success with real meaning and a balanced a quality of life. With clarity and a powerful mindset, you know you would accelerate growth and achieve your potential. You dream of having freedom to do it your own way and achieve even more and create meaningful impact.

Imagine quality time with an award-winning entrepreneur who had successfully navigated the same experience, to achieve your goals. You’d feel invigorated, energised, proud.

This is exactly why Cara created her change makers acceleration coaching.

You'll enjoy working with              if


You are totally yourself and authentic and appreciate that Cara is too.

You like a simple straight-talking approach that works in real life, not just theory from a book. 

You want to have fun while you learn.

You enjoy being challenged and stretched, with the courage to grow and be uncomfortable.

You recognise the value of an experienced entrepreneur who combines practical business acumen with powerful mindset tools to achieve your potential.

Change Makers Acceleration Coaching

Cara’s signature programme, the Change Makers Acceleration was built with you in mind. Throughout this programme, Cara provides her wealth of innovative business acumen and takes you through personal one to one success coaching while you develop and grow.

#C M A C


Jessica, IRE

I was lucky enough to be mentored by Cara while I was training as a coach. Her support and guidance had a significant impact on my journey. It is rare to find someone with such a depth of understanding coupled with strong business acumen. As a fellow woman in business & coaching, she is a role model & inspiration.

Olaf, GER

Cara facilitated an essential part of my coaching journey. Her calm strength, creativity and openness helped me to work on my goals. I am grateful for her observations and feedback, for her empathy and for her high ethical standards, matching my values and beliefs.

mike cara.jpeg

Mike, NI

Cara is extremely skilled, considerate and her leadership encourages the best in others and understands the importance of cultivating a good team. It  is certainly rare to meet someone who understands business the way she does and the intricacies of leading a team to achieve their peak performance.