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The world is changing fast, you know you need to do things differently but don’t know how.

A change maker disrupting the status quo and pushing boundaries you have constant resistance and challenge.

You get frustrated and can burn out.

You’re disappointed you’re not achieving your potential or success quick enough.

With so many ideas in your head, you’re confused and don’t have clarity on what to do.

You’re different from others, it’s hard to get them to understand and bring them along with you.

You want more than just success in business. You want meaning in what you do. But you’re not sure it’s possible or how to do it.

Is this where you're at?

Imagine this instead...

Work together with Cara to get clarity on your vision of success in business and life.

You have access to all Cara’s knowledge and experience. She holds nothing back.

Learn award winning creative methods to improve your business.

You learn powerful mindset techniques to take you through the growing pains and achieve even more.

Learn to create the life you want have meaning and be your best self.

Learn proven techniques to inspire others and bring them along with you.

Feel confident, fulfilled, energised and inspired with clarity and freedom to achieve even more.

Imagine an improved future through quality thinking and real-life experience to accelerate your success and change the status quo.

knows it’s possible, because she’s achieved it herself!


Cara’s a ‘creative dynamo’ on a mission to inspire pioneering entrepreneurs with a real desire to improve their world & achieve greater impact

You begin to panic

What if I invest and don’t achieve what I want?

I’m not sure having a coach really works.

What if I'm the one person Cara can’t help?

What if I can’t be totally honest?

What if I really can’t change?


That’s normal, Cara understands these concerns, and is happy to have a personalised one to one call with you about her coaching

What is...

Change Makers Acceleration Coaching

A rare combination, Cara’s unique programme brings together her business acumen and success mindset coaching. This powerful mix creates her recipe for success through the 4 key pillars. Cara builds a bespoke programme for you, with award-winning techniques from these pillars

#C M A C


Jessica, IRE

I was lucky enough to be mentored by Cara while I was training as a coach. Her support and guidance had a significant impact on my journey. It is rare to find someone with such a depth of understanding coupled with strong business acumen. As a fellow woman in business & coaching, she is a role model & inspiration.

Olaf, GER

Cara facilitated an essential part of my coaching journey. Her calm strength, creativity and openness helped me to work on my goals. I am grateful for her observations and feedback, for her empathy and for her high ethical standards, matching my values and beliefs.

mike cara.jpeg

Mike, NI

Cara is extremely skilled, considerate and her leadership encourages the best in others and understands the importance of cultivating a good team. It  is certainly rare to meet someone who understands business the way she does and the intricacies of leading a team to achieve their peak performance.

Bespoke 1-2-1 personalised coaching sessions with Cara.

Access to Cara’s business acumen & advice on how she overcame challenges.

Business tools to elevate your leadership ability.

Award winning innovation techniques, which disrupted an industry.

Workbooks to assist your development.

Accredited coaching methods to develop a success mindset.

Innovative award-winning Entrepreneur and Business Coach, passionate about elevating you to new levels.

What you get?


Angela, NI

Cara enabled me to transition into my partnership role much quicker and both the team and the business benefitted, with opportunities for new work and new initiatives developed. Cara helps you get clarity, focus on where you’re most effective and gives you confidence whilst getting the most from your team around you.

Ray, UK

Cara is incredibly intuitive, a great listener, highly pragmatic and  is a very successful business person backed with years of first hand experience in a challenging industry.  Cara quickly assesses, invokes thoughts, constructively challenges relating to real life scenarios. Cara was extremely encouraging  and sees the best in you which brings you to a place where you’re able to make decisions and take action for the challenge at hand.

adam cara.jpeg

Adam, USA

Cara proved her expertise as a coach very quickly. She asked great questions and there was no fluff which I greatly appreciate. She wanted to quickly dive into what my problems were and see how she could bring the most value to my situation. I will definitely be recommending her to more people.


Jump and say yes instantly.

                      Doubt will stop your future success.

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This is not for you if...

You believe entrepreneurs don’t have a coach. Guess what, Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey do.

You believe you know it all with nothing to learn.

You make excuses instead of taking action.

You are not coachable and willing to be stretched.

Reluctant to invest in your self-development.

You are not 100% committed to step up.

The Change makers acceleration coaching is a premium level investment into your future, designed for growing entrepreneurs ready to change the status quo and step up to greater success.


Angela, NI

Cara is enthusiastic, hard-working, brimming with excellent ideas, passionate and has such an ambitious drive that is very rarely seen. With a wealth of business knowledge and is willing to share it to help organisations move forward in the best way for the entire team. She is one of the most inspiring people I have ever worked with and would recommend her unconditionally to anyone who wants to do better business.

Eimear, NI

Once I met Cara, I recognised the potential value to me, to achieve world class excellence. Cara was highly skilled enabling me to focus with confidence, providing different perspectives and enhance my performance as a leader.  She enabled me to create a signification innovation with a threefold increase in participation and successfully embed a system in weeks that otherwise would have taken years. I would highly recommend Cara.

john mc.png

John, NI

When I needed help to navigate a significant change, I chose Cara.  Her skilful use of questioning, quiet curiosity and ability to create a comfortable safe space allowed me to work through barriers, banish the gremlins and move forward. I was struck by the extent of Cara’s knowledge, her ability to make connections and apply her business acumen in a way that really brought some light bulb moments to what seemed like intractable issues.

Change Makers Acceleration Circle

Imagine being part of an inner circle, with driven like-minded entrepreneurs globally. With the same ambition and passion as you, wanting to do things differently and create meaningful change in the world. Mentored by Cara with a group of leaders you can learn from who want to see you win.

#C M A C

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